AlleyOOP 14′ DoubleBounce System With Enclosure

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Double the fun, double the safety. It’s bound to happen — your kids and their friends are all going to want to pile on at the same time (though we don’t recommend it; it’s safer to fly solo). Thankfully, our flagship AlleyOOP DoubleBounceTM 14’ trampoline reduces the risk of injury with a 50% softer landing than other trampolines while offering a super-springy bounce —plus our Triple-Fail-Safe Safety Enclosure for peace of mind.


Simply put, there’s no safer trampoline system available anywhere. Period. Our patented Triple-Fail-Safe safety enclosure keeps millions of kids around the world safe every day—and has for nearly 20 years. Our motto is Safety First, and we believe family fun should come without risk. Alley-OOP’s comprehensive safety system keeps kids secure with:

  1. 100% Secure Overlapping Doorway – No zipper! Unlike other safety nets, this doorway offers 360° of protection and is never left unopened or unzipped.
  2. High Impact Netting – Wide aperture netting gives jumpers something to grab onto and hold themselves up, especially when taking a break. It also creates a clear line of vision for parents, while blending nicely into the backyard. The thick, braided strands offer unmatched impact strength and UV protection.
  3. Ultra Durable Backup Systems – While kids jump, the comprehensive safety enclosure system evenly distributes the impact throughout the trampoline system, ensuring jumpers are securely and safely guided back to the jumping surface. The high-strength top support straps—tested to 3,500 pounds—connect the net at each ball-end-cap and are securely folded over and stitched for optimal durability. The net attaches inside of foam-cushioned steel poles, securely attaching to the pad and trampoline frame, and increases the durability of each component.


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