Why Choose Rainbow

why choose rainbow?

Why buy a rainbow for your child?
Those things that really matter for your child’s growth — imagination, healthy play, giggles, smiles, fun, safety, learning, family time — to name just a precious few.

What’s exciting is that there are so many additional reasons:

Most Trusted Brand In America
Parents just like you — over 1 million of them — have trusted the Rainbow brand for more than 30 years because of our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and safety above all else.
Superior Materials

Rainbow Play Systems only use the highest quality materials in all their playsets, including the most durable, long-lasting lumber, 100% Cedar, vinyl-dipped components, and commercial-grade hardware for the toughest swing set you can buy.

Long-Lasting Swingsets

Because our play systems are made from Cedar, they are more stable than those made with other harvested soft woods. That means they split less, warp less, twist, and shrink less. They hold stain better and are decay-resistant, which means they don’t have to be chemically treated to last for years outdoors.

They Grow With Your Children

Aside from a handful of box sets, Rainbow Play Systems are modular, which means you can continue to add and expand your playset. That way, your playset grows along with your children.

Professionally Trained Installers

Unlike lumberyard or big box store sets, you won’t spend day after day putting up your Rainbow Play System while your children impatiently ask, “Is it done yet?” Our fully trained staff will install your playset quickly and professionally, usually in just one day. Most importantly, after your set is professionally installed, you can trust that it’s safe for your children.

Best Warranty In The Business

We stand behind our products and prove it by offering the best warranty in the industry.


Rainbow Play Systems use lumber, America’s greatest renewable resource, but our suppliers must adhere to strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) guidelines by planting five trees for every one tree that’s harvested.

Kids Love Us!

No question about it, Rainbows are fantastic! They have the fastest slides, “funnest” rock walls, the highest swing beams, the “spinniest” tire swings, and the coolest forts and playhouses.

Need even more reasons to purchase a Rainbow? Click Here. Then stop by our showroom, contact us for more information, or browse our online catalog.

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