Rainbow Maintenance & Warranty

Keeping your playset in tip-top shape

Congratulations on purchasing the very best playset available for your child! Your Rainbow Play System is an investment in your child’s imagination, fitness, and social growth. That’s why it’s essential to keep your Rainbow playset as good-looking and safely functioning as it was on the day we installed it. It will protect your child’s safety and your investment, but it’s required under the terms of your playset’s warranty.

Rainbow Play Systems offers the best warranty in the industry, hands down. Here are some important steps you can take to make sure that the warranty completely covers your playset.

  1. Register your playset. This a simple process that you can complete online at http://register.rainbowplay.com
  2. Keep your receipts. With locations worldwide, you must keep all play system-related receipts so that your local Rainbow Dealer can assist you with any warranty work.
  3. Maintain your playset. If your playset is not maintained correctly, your warranty will become void. Care for the wood by treating it regularly with a sealant to maintain long-lasting durability. Check the playset for loose hardware throughout the season and tighten as needed. We recommend that you clean tarps, slides, ladder rungs, and other accessories a few times a year to prevent discoloration.
  4. Inspect your playset regularly. Depending on where you live, wood-loving insects can present a problem. For example, Carpenter Bees can cause a great deal of damage. That’s why it’s crucial to address an insect infestation as soon as you become aware of it.

For more information about your product’s warranty, warranty coverage and exclusions, and how to submit a warranty claim, go to http://register.rainbowplay.com.

Maintenance services we offer

We’ll work so you can play

Keeping your Rainbow playset looking like new is important. But that’s not the only reason to care for it. Ongoing maintenance safeguards your kids from injuries while ensuring your warranty remains valid. However, with so much to do every day, not every parent has the time it takes to keep their set in tip-top shape. No worries. Rainbow of Iowa offers many services and maintenance options for our valuable (and busy) customers.

Rainbow Service 2

Two crew members to replace parts or install new items.

Rainbow Disassemble*

Disassemble Rainbow playset and stack next to set location.

Rainbow Re-Assemble*

Re-assemble Rainbow playset in the specified location.

Rainbow Move*

Disassemble and re-assemble in the specified location

Rainbow Water Sealant

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? We also stock Rainbow Water Sealant by the gallon, as well as an alternative Oil-Based Sealant that’s kid-safe.

* Mileage charges may apply. Prices may vary according to obstacles and situations.

Play System Evaluation

Rainbow will evaluate your playset and provide a list of repairs and/or parts that we recommend replacing.

Safety Check

A thorough tightening up of all carriage bolts on the set. Additionally, we’ll provide a list of repairs and/or parts that we recommend replacing.

Restorer Package

Includes evaluation, safety check, and play system water seal.

Supreme Package

Includes evaluation, safety check, pressure wash, and play system water seal.

Rainbow Service 1

One crew member to replace parts or install new items.

Rainbow Safety Features

Your backyard playset should be the safest one around.

As a parent, you worry about your child’s safety. As a consumer, you expect that a playset manufacturer should be just as concerned. That’s why at Rainbow Play Systems, your child’s safety is our first priority and has been for over 30 years.

In fact, you’ll discover that Rainbow Play Systems leads the industry in safety features.

Sturdy construction

  • We start with sturdy construction. Unlike our competitors who glue their wood pieces together, Rainbow Play Systems’ stable structures stand sturdy with interlocking notched big beam construction. They are held in place with recessed hardware and safety caps. That means all the play surfaces are fastener-free, eliminating tripping or snagging hazards.
  • Built with the most durable materials. Rainbow uses 100% Cedar, the premium choice for wooden swing sets. That makes Rainbow play systems strong enough to stand on their own without reinforcement, no matter what the weather. In fact, Rainbow play systems can weigh up to twice as much as other play sets on the market, so you don’t have to worry about your set tipping over when the wind picks up.

Secure parts

  • Solid sets as strong as the parts that join them. That’s because Rainbow only uses commercial-grade hardware. What’s more, a Rainbow Play System can withstand weight up to 1,000 pounds on its platform. Other swing set manufacturers use hardware that is only half the tensile strength of those used by Rainbow.
  • Supports up to 2500 lbs. Sturdy enough to hold your children plus their friends and even Mom and Dad! What it comes down to is peace of mind knowing your Rainbow Play System is sturdy enough to hold all your children plus their friends.

Safety features

Sturdy construction and secure parts are just the beginning. Rainbow accessories are some of the safest in the industry, including:

  • Heavy-gauge dipped safety chains
  • Angled safety ladders
  • One-inch thick ropes
  • Curved Super Scoop Slides that prevent “crash landings.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Rainbow been in business? 

Rainbow Play Systems has been building the most exceptional residential playsets since 1985. In that time, they’ve built and shipped more than 500,000 playsets around the world! Rainbow of the Heartland has been Kansas’ and Iowa’s Playground Headquarters since 1994.

Do you offer installation for your playsets?

We offer complete delivery and installation by our own experienced, professional installation team, not subcontractors. Like a NASCAR pit crew, our team has years of experience installing Rainbow Playsets, typically completing an installation in just 3-6 hours!

Will you install a Rainbow Playset outside the Des Moines and Olathe metro area?

We will happily install a Rainbow Playset anywhere in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. However, mileage charges may apply for outlying areas. You can inquire at the time you place your order.

What type of maintenance is required for our playset?

We recommend resealing your playset every 12-18 Months or as needed with Rainbow sealer to keep it looking new. However, many factors, such as weather, harsh climate conditions, and use, may determine how often you reseal your playset.

With regular use, some of the bolts may loosen over time. It’s essential to check and tighten all nuts and bolts as needed. The playset’s through-bolt construction allows you to tighten these bolts as often as necessary without risking your playset’s structural integrity.

We recommend cleaning tarps, slides, swings, ladder rungs, and other accessories a few times a year to prevent discoloration of the plastic, metal, or vinyl. Rainbow offers services to assist you with maintenance tasks, including maintenance checks and resealing your playset. Simply call us for a quote. We’re happy to help!

Does Rainbow warranty their products?

Rainbow stands behind our products. We offer the best warranty in the business–a Lifetime Warranty on most of the components on our Full-Size sets. For more information, refer to our maintenance and warranty section for each playset series’s complete coverage.

What do you typically put underneath the playset?

We offer 100% recycled rubber mulch and rubber timbers. We also provide rubber pads for beneath swings and slides to prevent bare spots and mud holes. Rainbow recommends that the ground cover (mulch, rubber mulch, etc.) be installed after the playset is installed. See our section on rubber mulch, timbers, and pads.

I have a small yard, can I still purchase a Rainbow playset?

Yes, Rainbow makes a playset to fit every yard and budget. Measure your area and give us a call. We’ll be happy to help. We’ll even come to your house (in the metro area) and take a look at your yard to find the best playset for your space, budget, and family. Click here to view the playsets that we recommend for smaller yards.

I have an un-level yard, can I still purchase a Rainbow playset?

Residential yards come in all shapes, sizes, and soils, and one playset’s configuration is not going to work in every backyard. Rainbow has developed an exclusive line of accessories and playset options tailored explicitly for un-level, hard-to-fit backyards. Click here to view the playsets that we recommend for un-level yards.

What happens if we move, can we take our playset with us?

Yes! Rainbow Playsets are built to be taken down, moved, and reassembled. Unlike cheaper playsets that utilize screws to attach vital structural components, Rainbow playsets are made with big, through-bolt construction. This ensures that any time a Rainbow is moved, it can be reassembled as tight and sturdy as the first time it was assembled. If you are moving out of the area, we can take your playset down for you. Chances are there will be a Rainbow dealer close by to reassemble it for you at your new home.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing, subject to approved credit. Click here for more information on our financing options.

Why should we buy a Rainbow?

Quite simply, (and we think you’ll agree) your children deserve the best! Rainbow has earned its long-held reputation as America’s Most Trusted Brand Name. That’s because we build the safest and most durable playsets on the market.

We use only the finest materials, including 100% Cedar with a 10-Step water seal process, dual-bolt construction, commercial-grade hardware, vinyl dipped components, and the safest slides available! And, all our products are backed by the best Lifetime Warranty coverage in industry!

But that’s not all. Rainbow Play Systems cares about your kids and their future, so we’re proud to be a “green” business. We plant five trees for every one we harvest, and we ensure all of our suppliers adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). With so many reasons to buy a Rainbow for your kids, the question becomes, “why wouldn’t you?”

Did you find the answers you were looking for? We sure hope so, but if you still have questions we didn’t address here, we invite you to contract us or stop by the showroom.