Goalsetter Maintenance & Warranty

Goalsetter goes full court press for your satisfaction.

Goalsetter basketball hoops and accessories are the best in basketball. That’s why Goalsetter products are backed by the strongest warranties in the industry:

  • All poles (excluding paint) — Lifetime
  • Acrylic backboard (commercial or public settings included) — Lifetime
  • Glass backboard (residential only): — Lifetime
  • Internal & external hand cranks — Lifetime
  • Single Static and Collegiate Breakaway Rims — 1 year
  • HD Flex Rims — 2 years
  • Double Static Rims — Lifetime

Your Goalsetter basketball hoop requires very little maintenance other than oiling the internal and external jack once a year. You may wish to tighten nuts and bolts annually as well. See your product manual for details.

With reasonable care, your Goalsetter basketball hoop or basketball accessories will stand the test of time and team. Be sure to register your Goalsetter product after purchase to initiate warranty.

For more information about your product’s warranty, warranty coverage and exclusions, and how to submit a warranty claim, call or visit us in our showroom.

Goalsetter FAQs

What sets Goalsetter apart from other basketball goals?

The game of basketball was forever elevated when the founders of Goalsetter Systems produced a residential basketball goal unlike any other. The same passion that so many people have for the game was poured into the creation of the first Goalsetter Systems — the MVP. The rest is basketball history!

What makes a Goalsetter Basketball System so original? Everything! Virtually every inch of a Goalsetter, down to the parts you never see, is designed to enhance the performance and durability of your basketball goal. Goalsetter’s exclusive features — the patented compression height adjustment systems, fortified acrylic backboards, one-piece off-set structural steel poles and patented hinged ground anchors — crush the myth that all basketball goals are created equal.

Goalsetter Systems embraces the belief that the quality of a product is much more than a collection of stand-alone features. True quality lies in customer satisfaction as well as the manufacturing of the entire product line exclusively in the United States.

At Rainbow of the Heartland, our objective is to provide you with a premium quality basketball goal that you can enjoy for years to come. Like so many of our customers, we know you’ll take pride in owning a Goalsetter System. We invite you to embrace the tradition of the greatest game ever created and experience how Goalsetter Systems has redefined home court basketball.

Where are Goalsetters made?

Manufactured in America, just like all our other products we offer. While most hoops on the market are now manufactured in China, Goalsetters are made in Lynnville, Iowa. Rainbow of the Heartland is proud to be a long-time Goalsetters’ distributor, a company in business since 1992.

How long have you been selling Goalsetters and why should we buy one from Rainbow of the Heartland?

Since 1998, Rainbow of the Heartland has been selling Goalsetters. In fact, we are Iowa’s oldest and largest Goalsetter dealer! With seven hoops for you to try out in our showroom, our experts can help you find the right goal for your family or institution. Most of our customers come from referrals from our past customers who love their Goalsetter and our service! Finally, we do not sub-contract out installations, but instead, use one of our own employees (who have installed thousands of Goalsetters) to professionally install your goal system.

Do you price match?

Due to our high sales volume, Rainbow of the Heartland usually has the lowest price.  In the event you do find a lower price, we will match any competing Goalsetter dealer’s price if you provide us with a valid price quote. This may not be combined with other existing offers.

What type of rim should I order?

There are multiple options from which to choose:

Heavy Duty Flex: This is our “standard” rim and most commonly chosen by our residential customers. This breakaway style rim has a single spring and deflects 15 degrees with 30 lbs. of down pressure. Equipped with continuous net locks, the Heavy Duty Flex rim is more than sufficient for most residential play and carries a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Double Ring Static: The first and only unconditional lifetime replacement warranty on a basketball rim! This double 5/8″ solid alloy steel rim construction makes it ideal for outdoor courts at park and recreation settings.

GS Collegiate: This competition breakaway rim features two springs allowing it to deflect 15 degrees with 130 lbs. of down pressure. Meets or exceeds High School and NCAA specifications for competitive play. This rim carries an unconditional 1-year Warranty.

Note: All these are made for dunking. They are mounted to a steel plate, not to the backboard itself.

What types of backboards are available? Which type do I need?

Our tempered glass backboard has a superior ball response and is the backboard material of choice in residential settings. Acrylic is recommended for park and school applications or areas where there is unsupervised play. Because it is a softer material, acrylic withstands vandalism better than glass. Both boards carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty when used in their proper applications.

How long does it take to get a Goalsetter after I’ve ordered it?

We typically receive Goalsetters at least once a week and sometimes twice a week during the spring months. We always have the anchors in stock so you can take one with you, and by the time the cement is cured, the hoop should have arrived. If you would like your Goalsetter installed by our experts, it normally takes 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase.  If we are shipping the hoop to you, allow 2-5 days for your order to arrive.

Should I install the goal myself or have it installed by a professional?

The installation and assembly of a Goalsetter goal can be accomplished by two or three people without the use of ladders or scaffold. The patented ground anchor hinge system allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter goal before it is raised upright. The toughest task during installation of a Goalsetter goal is installing the anchor.

First, dig a four-foot deep hole (18 inch diameter) where you would like your basketball goal to reside. After placing your ground anchor into the hole (each goal includes one of our patented ground anchors), fill it with ten to twelve bags of QuickCrete. When the cement is completely dry (usually within two days), you can assemble the pole structure, extension arms, and backboard, and raise the system upright.

Of course, if you’d prefer to have your system professionally installed, our staff of trained installers can do the job for you. You can schedule installation with our crew at the time of your purchase. Additional fees will apply.

How are Goalsetter Systems anchored into the ground?

Unlike many basketball goals, the Goalsetter System does not use a direct bury method or “J” bolts assembly. Each Goalsetter System is anchored using our patented ground anchor hinge system. First, the ground anchor is placed in a four-foot-deep hole (18″ diameter) and secured using QuickCrete. When dry, the hinge system allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter hoop before it is raised upright and bolted to the ground anchor.

Do I need to call my utility company to mark underground pipes, power lines or cables before digging?

Rainbow of the Heartland will do this on your behalf if we are installing your Goalsetter for you. Generally, the process takes place about 48 hours after the call. After that, we can begin digging. It’s important to keep that in mind should you choose to install your system yourself.

How far should I set my pole back from the concrete?

Rainbow of the Heartland installers typically set the pole directly behind the concrete pad or driveway. If you are limited on playing space, we will help you determine the proper distance to set the hoop back in order to allow for maximum play area. Additionally, the model of your Goalsetter will affect the distance between the pole and backboard.

Can I take my Goalsetter System with me when I move?

Chances are, the next person that buys your house is going to want to keep it! If you’re lucky enough to take it with you, you simply loosen the five bolts holding the pole to the anchor. The anchor stays in the ground, and you get to take the hoop with you. You can purchase a new anchor when you’re ready to reinstall it.

I am moving. Do you move Goalsetters also?

Yes, we offer this service. Please call us for a price quote.

What are the warranties?

All poles (excludes paints): Lifetime

Acrylic Backboard: Lifetime (Commercial or public settings included)

Polycarbonate Backboard: Lifetime

Glass Backboard: Lifetime (Residential only)

Hand Cranks (internal): Lifetime

Hand Cranks (external): Lifetime

Rims (standard, flex): 2 years

Rims: 5 years

Did you find the answers you were looking for? We sure hope so, but if you still have questions we didn’t address here, we invite you to contact us or stop by the showroom.