Rainbow Safety Features

Your backyard playset should be the safest one around.

Rainbow Safety Features

Your backyard playset should be the safest one around.

As a parent, you worry about your child’s safety. As a consumer, you expect that a playset manufacturer should be just as concerned. That’s why at Rainbow Play Systems, your child’s safety is our first priority and has been for over 30 years.

In fact, you’ll discover that Rainbow Play Systems leads the industry in safety features.

Sturdy construction

  • We start with sturdy construction. Unlike our competitors who glue their wood pieces together, Rainbow Play Systems’ stable structures stand sturdy with interlocking notched big beam construction. They are held in place with recessed hardware and safety caps. That means all the play surfaces are fastener-free, eliminating tripping or snagging hazards.
  • Built with the most durable materials. Rainbow uses 100% Cedar, the premium choice for wooden swing sets. That makes Rainbow play systems strong enough to stand on their own without reinforcement, no matter what the weather. In fact, Rainbow play systems can weigh up to twice as much as other play sets on the market, so you don’t have to worry about your set tipping over when the wind picks up.

Secure parts

  • Solid sets as strong as the parts that join them. That’s because Rainbow only uses commercial-grade hardware. What’s more, a Rainbow Play System can withstand weight up to 1,000 pounds on its platform. Other swing set manufacturers use hardware that is only half the tensile strength of those used by Rainbow.
  • Supports up to 2500 lbs. Sturdy enough to hold your children plus their friends and even Mom and Dad! What it comes down to is peace of mind knowing your Rainbow Play System is sturdy enough to hold all your children plus their friends.

Safety features

Sturdy construction and secure parts are just the beginning. Rainbow accessories are some of the safest in the industry, including:

  • Heavy-gauge dipped safety chains
  • Angled safety ladders
  • One-inch thick ropes
  • Curved Super Scoop Slides that prevent “crash landings.”

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