Goalsetter Maintenance & Warranty

Goalsetter Basketball Hoops & Accessories

Goalsetter goes full court press for your satisfaction.

Goalsetter basketball hoops and accessories are the best in basketball. That’s why Goalsetter products are backed by the strongest warranties in the industry:

  • All poles (excluding paint) — Lifetime
  • Acrylic backboard (commercial or public settings included) — Lifetime
  • Glass backboard (residential only): — Lifetime
  • Internal & external hand cranks — Lifetime
  • Single Static and Collegiate Breakaway Rims — 1 year
  • HD Flex Rims — 2 years
  • Double Static Rims — Lifetime

Kids having fun playing basketball

Your Goalsetter basketball hoop requires very little maintenance other than oiling the internal and external jack once a year. You may wish to tighten nuts and bolts annually as well. See your product manual for details.

With reasonable care, your Goalsetter basketball hoop or basketball accessories will stand the test of time and team. Be sure to register your Goalsetter product after purchase to initiate warranty. 

For more information about your product’s warranty, warranty coverage and exclusions, and how to submit a warranty claim, call or visit us in our showroom.