How are you planning on getting your kids outside?

Summer is approaching quickly.
School is almost out.
Let the fun begin!!

Here at Rainbow of the Heartland, we believe that imagination, healthy play, giggles, smiles, fun, safety, and family time are things that matter for your child’s growth. Getting outside to play is such an important part of childhood, but we know it can be a struggle to get there.

Check out these 10 Ideas To Get Kids Excited To Play Outside

1. Create the backyard of their dreams!
Add in a play-set, basketball hoop, or trampoline. Parents just like you — over 1 million of them — have trusted the Rainbow brand for more than 30 years because of our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and safety above all else. We have been making dreams come true since 1985 and we would love to help with yours.

2. Invite friends over.
Everything’s better with friends! Backyard play-dates are such a great way to host, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house.

3. Play in the dark.
Get those bedtime wiggles out with some late-night playtime. Bring flashlights or glow sticks. Even better when you can add smores!

4. Do one of your normal indoor activities outside.
Have breakfast in the yard, fold laundry on the porch, story-time on a blanket. The goal is after the activity they will be inspired to go play….while you enjoy your coffee!

5. Unplug and give kids your attention!
Even adults need some screen-free playtime. Have a daily time where everyone plays outside uninterrupted together.

6. Involve your kids in the outside chores. 
With age-appropriate jobs, kids will take pride and ownership in helping to take care of their yards. They will more likely want to enjoy it, after working to keep it looking so fun!

7. Update your play-set with new accessories.
Aside from a handful of box sets, Rainbow Play Systems are modular, which means you can continue to add and expand your play-set. That way, your play-set grows along with your children. You can also customize and swap out accessories to add more variety to your kid´s playtime. Flip to page 68 on our online catalog to see all the options!

8. Be consistent!
Having some type of structure to your day makes summer breaks a bit easier for everyone. Add in morning and evening playtime to avoid the heat of the day and stick to it.

9. Add water!
Use the hose to make a water-slide. Put a sprinkler under the play-set. This is the best way to easily add water balloons. Adding water to outdoor play is always a win.

10. Popsicle Happy Hour.
Best kept secret of summer break. This can be a weekly event, or daily if needed! Get everyone outside for a popsicle (and maybe a drink for yourself!) then play after.