How To Choose The Best Playset For your Child

Everything you need to know about how rainbow will be the best choice for your family

A Checklist For Choosing The Best Swing Set

To a kid, the best swing sets are the ones that offer them a chance to have tons of fun. To a parent, the criteria for qualifying as “the best swing set” is a little broader.

Rainbow Play Systems knows this. As professionals in the industry for more than three decades, we understand what makes our swing sets the best:

  • Sturdy: Go ahead, give that swing set you’re considering a good shake. Lightweight wobbly sets can be dangerous. That’s why every Rainbow Play System is rock solid.
  • Adjustable: It might look perfect in a showroom, but will it work in your yard? Rainbow offers flexible swing set designs that can be adjusted to fit your unlevel yard safely.
  • Water sealed: If the swing set lumber is unstained or stained by wiping, brushing, or dipping, it won’t wear well. Rainbow’s 10-step water seal process provides a durable, long-lasting finish.
  • Warrantied: Does the manufacturer stand behind their product, or are you on your own if there’s a problem? Rainbow warranties are simply the best in the business.
  • Safe: Rainbow Play Systems are the safest in the industry from recessed and capped hardware to vinyl coated steel pipe ladder rungs, angled ladders, and a wide-stance design that ensures stability.
  • Assembled: Lumberyard kit instructions may state 4–8 hours for assembly, but usually require 12–16 hours or more to build. Rainbow’s installation pros have the experience and the tools to assemble your set for you.
  • Modular: The best playsets are those that are expandable and grow with your child. Rainbow’s wide selection of accessories and options make our playsets ideal for your kids’ entire childhood.

While online photos can show you the many options available for your child’s swing set, Rainbow of the Heartland wants you and your child to experience them in person.

We invite your whole family to our showroom to experience a Rainbow Play System. Join us for Play Time and see for yourself that Rainbows are the best swing sets.

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