Push me! Push me!

How many times have you heard that as a parent?

There are many reasons why kids are always drawn to the swings and beg for nonstop pushing, but did you know that giving children opportunities to swing is one of the best (and easiest) things you can do for their development?

Swinging engages every part of their mind and body.

Fine Motor– As a child learns to grip the chain they are practicing hand eye coordination which will improve your child’s ability to tie their shoes, grip pencils, and better be able to grasp their utensils.

Gross Motor– When swinging your child’s entire body is working together to go higher and higher. Engaging their core to pump their legs on the swing will increase their strength and balance. Such a great way to get their bodies moving and use up some of that lent up energy

Spatial Awareness– The back and forth motion a child experiences when swinging provides an opportunity for the brain to learn to organize and interpret sensory input. Giving kids plenty of time for this type of play helps them learn how their bodies take up space and move, making it easier for them to balance and focus on other areas as they develop. 

Nervous System– There’s a reason why swings are so highly used and recommended for therapy, they are so calming to all the senses. The rocking motions are soothing. After swinging, children are calmer and focused. Swinging provides a change of scenery to help balance screen time, overstimulating environments , and stressful days.  There are many differently designed swings available for all types of kids too.

Rainbow of the Heartland takes swing sets seriously because we know just how important it is to your developing child.  We want to provide you with a safe, durable play system that your child can enjoy throughout their entire childhood. We have been the most trusted brand in America and want to help you create the backyard of your dreams, a place where your child can play and make memories for years.