Here at Rainbow of the Heartland your child’s safety has been our top priority for over thirty years. We believe in the quality of our equipment and in our trusted professional installers. Parents just like you — over 1 million of them — have trusted us to help create the backyard of their dreams.

We want your entire backyard to be summer safe for all the hours of playing happening now.

Inspect your play-set regularly

Make sure your equipment is in tip top shape this summer. Care for wooden sets by treating it regularly with a sealant to maintain long-lasting durability. Check your play-sets for loose hardware throughout the season and tighten as needed. Inspect all tarps, slides, ladder rungs, and other accessories to make sure they are all attached properly.

Safe grilling practices

Choose a level space in your yard away from any buildings, landscaping or other flammable materials. Teach children to stay away from the hot grill. Never leave your grill unattended especially when kids and pets are present. Use proper grilling utensils with long handles. Make sure your charcoal is extinguished and disposed of properly.

Proper yard maintenance

Perform regular maintenance on your lawn mowing equipment. Check the yard for loose objects and debris before mowing. Keep children away while mowing is in progress. Avoid as much as possible and only use chemical pesticides when necessary and follow all manufacturers instructions. Always call your power company before digging any holes.

Happy and safe kids

Be aware of your children at all times. Play outside in the earlier or later hours of the day to avoid high heat exposure. Keep plenty of water available before, during, and after playing. Apply sunscreen before playing outside. Make sure all play equipment is age, size, and ability appropriate before investing in.

A safe backyard is a happy backyard and we want your family to have both!
Happy summer! Play safe!