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Are you considering a hoop that adjusts below 7.5’ tall? If so, you are likely considering an online-only brand, that holds itself to lower safety standards. Goalrilla hoops meet ASTM Safety Standards which prohibit goals from adjusting below 7.5 feet; this regulation is in place to prevent player impact with the goal which can result in serious head injuries and other bodily harm.

Online-only brands allow the goal to adjust as low as 5’, but they try to pass the liability for injuries incurred when the goal is below 7.5’. They know just how dangerous a 5’ goal can be, so they have the homeowner remove a safety pin to adjust the goal to this height, completely eliminating their legal responsibility for your family’s safety.

Goalrilla’s commitment to safety is just one of the many reasons why top retailers carry our product as opposed to the online-only brands.


Goalrilla goals have been around since 1985, and we have been perfecting every aspect of our goals ever since. Goalrilla’s expert engineers have developed the optimal specifications to ensure your goal offers maximum performance without excessive amounts of steel that add unnecessary weight and cost to your hoop.

At Goalrilla, we know the importance of steel in your basketball goal, and that’s why we cover our systems in the protection of DuPont®powder coating – the ultimate name in rust protection. With online-only brands, you have to pay extra for rust-shields that still don’t compare to the coating on a Goalrilla.

Although some other brands claim to use rust-resistant hardware, they use low-grade stainless steel that contains enough iron to still cause rusting, explaining why many consumer-reviews complain that their products rust overtime. Additionally, their stainless steel hardware is much more difficult and sometimes impossible to remove once tightened; if you want to move your hoop in the future, you have to cut your hoop apart, because you simply cannot remove the hardware.


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